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Phenomenal Living

If it's not logical it's magical.

Follow the magic


Alison Heart has had a phenomenal life. She has overcome so many hardships, suffering & dis-ease from a few extremely violent attempts from a man to end her life when she was a young child during sexual abuse. After many years of being surrounded by darkness, depression then major dis-ease it all changed. 

Alison was in & out of hospitals, diagnosed with major cardiac & auto-immune dis-eases. After a few more near-deaths in her early twenties, nearly 5 years in bed.

 Alison came back from each near death with more abilities with the afterlife, more healing awareness & magic abilities. Her gifts are beyond this world and so are yours.

Obviously, with an incredible amount of wisdom & knowledge about life, death & everything in between Alison now shares with others. All that incredible practical experience, energy & information that she used to completely change her health, mental dis-orders & change all that the abuse left her with.

Alison from the age of 19 started in the New Age World as a psychic/medium/healer helping others get clear information & energy for their whole lives to change.

After years of knowing there was more than the "Spiritual Metaphysical" mumbo jumbo that she was noticing wasn't actually helping others to change, she began using the NEW TOOLS & TECHNIQUES from "Access Consciousness". There was just something not right or light about the industry or people supposedly meant to be 'enlightened"

 Alison started using everything from "Access Consciousness" for her clients and the results were just even more astounding for her & them, which is why she knows it will work for you too. If you are brave enough to live beyond normal living INTO Phenomenal Living.

Come join Alison in Transforming everything from your life into EASE, JOY & GLORY. 

She now teaches & shares the information tools & techniques in classes & courses all over the world.

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